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19 Minute Read

Metaphysics has always been my thing. At 15 my buddies and I were doing ouija boards on the school grounds at lunchtime. This quickly took up residence in the back of classrooms during lessons and for me at least, this was the start of my love of all things paranormal, the unexplained and deeper meanings in life.

Over the years my love of the occult morphed and refined into sacred geometry, quantum theory, consciousness, psychology, sociology, and Eastern philosophies; or Yogic beliefs to be precise, as I forever searched to understand how reality functioned – it’s underlying mechanics.

I undertook a Ph.D. in Metaphysics way back in the late ’90s and after writing a few theses on the relationship between the three minds; the unconscious, conscious and superconscious, I became the youngest alums to graduate from the University of Sedona at that level. Ever.
Go me – well, not really. An achievement sure, but only something for myself. I mean, in all practical terms with employment, holding a Ph.D. in metaphysics simply allows me to ask “do you want fries with that?”.

… and that’s OK.

The philosophical field of metaphysics is such a massive subject that it is more of an umbrella term. True (or classical) metaphysics explores the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between potentiality and actuality. Metaphysics examines questions such as: what is there? or what is like? or why is that rock grey?

The popular metaphysics of today concentrates more on explaining our place in the larger scheme of things; the universe itself, and how this same magnificent reality responds to our consciousness.
Personally, I find that new-age metaphysics can sometimes be a dangerous place for the uninitiated as it can mish-mash together anything at its disposal, from divination through to quantum theory. It can cover a vast spectrum of woo-woo on one side and pure pseudoscience on the other with a lot of positive thinking in-between.

… and that’s also OK.

It is OK because in essence that is excatly what metaphysics is: attempting to understand the un-understandable (in that moment), and therefore, by default, there are no ultimate wrong answers. For every question, metaphysics can offer a million different explanations, depending on who you talk to, read from or listen to, and their conclusions are very much dependent on their current understanding at that time.
For me, I feel its important to really feel into explanations and see where it sits with you and this is one of the largest teachings of intuition that this field has: Does it simply feel right with you? You are doing your self no favours by accepting any belief just by following the crowd or trend, just because it is en-vouge or that so-and-so said so. Metaphysics ultimately comes from your own understanding. And thats it. In my opinion.

For me, it can be a place of wonder and a place where a lot of things can make sense. I have studied this field for neigh on 35ish years and my acceptance of things has morphed from seeing how many weird things I can believe before breakfast, to a more refined linking together of often misunderstood topics and information which paint a real picture of empowerment through the mind, consciousness, thoughts, actions and core beliefs.

I am a big believer in experiencing teachings. To let teachings grow with your understanding. Anyone can read something in a book or watch a lecture, but metaphysics can really come into its own when it is allowed to work with you rather than it simply being another philosophy.

I feel that any philosophy should enrich your life. We can all gaze at our navels until the cows come home but it if doesn’t actively help in any way, what’s the point?

Like Buddhism, if a philosophy can actually be applied, I’m all in.

Metaphysics can assist us in understanding how reality functions – I have no doubts about that. So, therefore, it stands to reason that if we can understand how it functions, then there is no reason that this cannot also be manipulated. Right?
Indeed it can. My experiences within this field mirror the experiences of many others. Life can suddenly become very empowering, exciting and much more directable. The chaos of the universe takes some kind of order and patterns begin to form. Subtleties that were never noticed becomes much more apparent and out of what seemed to be randomness before, comes the beauty of fluidity and ease. And then you realise that you are actually directing the show yourself.

Deffo took the red pill

Therefore, this post is an example of how life can flow. Metaphysics in action. How one can change their life in untold ways completely effortlessly as if the events taking place are one large wave and you are riding the surfboard of your life. Events that are beyond logical thinking and even intuition. A series of serendipities. Seemingly chance events that align themselves perfectly, effortlessly and in total harmony with one another. Events that happen one after the other in a linear fashion and when experienced from beginning to end can carry you on a totally different direction in life, or in my case, to faraway lands.

In this post I am using one of my own personal experiences to demonstrate how effortless this can be, and I absolutely believe that it was an understanding of metaphysics that allowed it to take place. I am sure that you also have your own experiences like this and if so, doesn’t it make you think? Doesn’t it make you think that there indeed powers at play much greater than ourselves?

Situations such as this go beyond chance, and when similar things occur again and again they make one think that there is more to it. More to the reality in which we live. For sure.

In the coming months, I plan to delve much deeper into situations such as this and attempt to explain how these things happen. Manifestation, the law of attraction and Karma to be explored in much greater detail.

I can’t remember if I read this somewhere (probably) but it is a saying that has rung true for me countless times.


So what you are about the read is 100% true. These are events that took place from June to September 2013 and begins in a usually rainy England. Swindon to be precise.

Back in 2013, I was living in a town about two hours away from where I grew up in a small city called Exeter. This is a place that my family still live.

I was living alone at the time but my daughter lived close by and used to drop in most days.

She had just completed school and was moving up to college and then to university. As she was now spending more time with her friends rather than with uncool dad and will be leaving town to attend uni soon I planned to move back to Exeter. I gave the required one months notice to end the tenancy on my house and started my pack my gear up.

This was an easy move for me. Once I arrived back in Exeter I could relatively walk straight into a new job and could crash with family until I found my own place.

During my one month’s notice I went to work as usual and within that first week, I received a phone call.

The guy on the line asked if I fancied working in Australia. He was looking for someone with my skill set. As cool as this was, I also thought it a bit odd and even suspicious. I was not registered on any database or website giving interest in looking for a placement out there. I did, however, seriously toy with the idea some years previous but never made any concrete plans to look any further into it.

We arranged to have a proper discussion about this offer via Skype in a few day’s time and on a (very early) call it came apparent that the employer received my name and number from an employee of his who I knew.

The offer from the company was, they would arrange my visa and pay for my flight. My side of the bargain was that I would work for them exclusively for a minimum of four years (the length of the visa). I asked where he was located and he said Canberra.

Ok, so I jump on Google and Canberra was the search of the week. But everywhere I looked the same picture formed – it’s a pretty boring place to live. (I am being polite for my Canberrian readers here).

Not that I have any beef with Canberra, but for someone who wasn’t initially looking to move there, I wasn’t being grabbed in by anything exciting.

I thanked the guy but turned down his generous offer as I believed my original plan was better.

Not two weeks later, I was once again working away and received a phone call. Same thing, different company.

Do I want to work in Australia?

Ok, so now this is weird. Two calls in a matter of weeks, both randomly asking the same question.

I immediately inquired who they were and I will never forget the conversation.

“We are a national company looking for overseas staff to fulfil positions we cannot find locally”
“So, where would I be located”
“We have locations all over Australia – choose where you want to go”
“Well, not Canberra. How did you receive my number?”
“We have already brought over a few of your ex-managers from the UK (they named four guys who I know pretty well) Your name keeps popping up so we thought we should call you”


OK, now this is more like it.

This was also the same deal. The company would arrange my visa, pay for my flight, and all I had to do was choose where I wanted to base myself.

Just like the first offer. I was contracted to this company for four years, but with so many locations nationwide, I could move about internally as much as I wanted. Nice.

After a quick Goggle search of places to live I initially chose Melbourne simply because it was the most culturally diverse Australian City. Not much thought went into this other than it simply felt right at the time.

To me the timing of this was perfect. I had already given notice on my house and planning a move back to my home town Exeter.

Now, I found myself on a free trip to Australia. In my mind, I thought even if I don’t like it after six months, I could just fly back to Exeter and carry on as I was. Nothing to lose. Instead of simply going from A-B I could now go A-Australia-B if anything went pear-shaped.

I duly agreed, signed some paperwork and continued packing my house up, albeit more vigorously.

My brother agreed to store the contents of my house in his barn. Which a lot is still there to this day – sorry bro.

I gave away my fridge-freezer and washing machine to someone who needed them and chopped up and dumped my 12-year-old leather couch. Everything else went to sit with the rats in Barnville.


At this time in the UK, I was heavily involved in the public speaking circuit in the UK and had been giving seminars, lectures, and workshops on metaphysics for the past 10 years or so.

I figured I could continue with this in the land down under, so again I jumped on Google looking for other speakers like me who I could ask where all the best venues in town where.

After sending out a few emails, I receive a reply from Barbara and during the email exchange, offered me her spare room to use until I find my feet. Sorted – that was effortless, though I always wondered why I chose to search for venues before actually looking for a place to live but there you go.

Barbara kindly offered to pick me up from the airport and things were looking good.

From a relatively small city in the UK, flying into Melbourne for the first time can be a bit daunting. If you approach the airport from the East, you can fly over the city for a good ten minutes before you land as the suburbs below spall out into the distance.

Just to put this in some kind of perceptive.

Where I am from, Exeter is within the county of Devon. Devon is the second-largest county in the UK after Yorkshire and it contains two cities; Exeter and Plymouth. It also contains LOTS of grass with the largest cow population in the country – fun fact. So from the UK perspective, Devon is pretty large (with lots of milk).

Melbourne is larger than Devon! Only I didn’t know this until I actually got here.

As I looked out of the airplane window all I remember thinking was “Fuck’.

Where the fuck does Barbra live in relation to where I am supposed to be working on Monday (it was Friday) and how am I going to even get there? I had no car obviously.

Barbara was waiting as I came out from passing immigration and drove a good hour back to her place.

After I settled in, I asked where my work is and how to get there.
“Where is it you are working”
“Preston – Dundas Street”
“Oh that’s not far”
“How far is not that far” I was in a city that spanned the horizon.
“As you walked into the house did you notice the bus stop outside?”
“Yes,” there is a bus stop outside her front door on the other side of the street.
“Well catch that bus and I think it is about three or four stops away”


Out of an entire spalling city the size of Melbourne, I found myself, by pure chance staying with a woman who lived right next door to my work – and on a bus route!


So, its Monday morning and I make my way to work. The bus dropped me off at the end of the street and I walked down to my workplace.

I stood still and teared up when I first saw it.

I shit you not, my new workplace was a direct comparison to my last workplace in the UK.

Both places are located on a dead end street.
Both places were on the right-hand side of the dead end.
Both streets had a business at the far end of the dead end.
Both streets have the SAME business at the far end of the dead end.
Like literally the same business. It was the same international company Cemex operating as the neighbour to where I was working in both the UK and now in Melbourne. What are the chances?

The first pair of images is my workplace in the UK.

The second pair is my workplace in Melbourne.

Spot the difference?

Swindon – UK
Preston – Melbourne


I was a work for a couple of weeks and there was another English guy working in the same location, also called Matt who came out with his family a few months prior.

Matt approached me as asked me the weirdest of questions.

“Do you want to buy a fridge, washing machine and a couch – bought them new a few months ago. I’ll take a grand for them?”

Weird because these where the same three items that I had either given away or chucked out when I packed my place up back in the UK.

“Why are you selling them”
“Because I hate it here and we are moving back to England”.

Matt did indeed hate Australia. For some reason he just never took to it. I’ve met a couple of guys like him who forced their wives back to the land of rain. And on all occasions the wives loved it here and didn’t want to return. The visas that we were all on, meant that the wives had no choice in the matter. If the primary visa holder left the country, they did to. A shitty situation to be in.

I figured to buy these items and stick them in storage to ship them back if I chose to return to Blighty. I knew that they were obviously worth a lot more than the $1000 that was offered to me.

Without a car, another fellow workmate stepped in and offered to pick them up with a trailer we were planning on hiring.

The day before, Doug received a text from Matt asking him to hire the biggest trailer he could find.

Puzzled, he did that and off we went to Matt’s house to collect these three items with our now oversized trailer.

Matt greeted us as we pulled up and said “We are all leaving, like now. Have the entire contents to the house. Everything”.


This was literally like winning a game show.

The entire contents to a four-bedroom house, all bought brand new within the last three or four months. And all for $1000, though I insisted on giving him an extra $1000 as I felt bad.

Fridge freezer
Washing machine
Large TV
DVD player
2 Armchairs
Double bed
2 single beds
All sheets and linen
Dining table with 6 chairs
Pots and pans
Mugs, cups and glasses
An above ground swimming pool – still in box unopened.


Two years into my visa, my employer’s head-office contacted me to ask if I wanted to change my restricted four year visa that I was currently on to a permanent residency.

Of course, I agreed and again, the company sponsored me and arranged everything. Too easy.

Oddly, this new visa meant that I was no longer restricted to working for my company, even though they had sponsored me. No worries, it all went through and now I am proud to say that I am a permanent resident of Australia.

After getting fed up with the weather in Melbourne, I wanted some Australian heat and felt a relocation was in order. Because my job meant that I sometimes travelled around, this gave me a fantastic opportunity to explore the country in an easy way. I fell in love with Queensland and that’s where I was heading.

The only issue that I saw at that time was the distance. Relocating from Melbourne up to Queensland is a long ass way. For me, this is like moving from the UK down to Southern Italy. There is some distance involved. The main problem that I saw was finding a new place to live, without all of the hassle of flying back and forth a few times to secure a property.

This, however, didn’t remain an issue for long. After chatting with one of the company directors who I was friendly with telling him my plans. A new workplace was offered in Brisbane, along with a fully furnished, self-contained apartment above it that was available for me to use while I arranged my own property.

Too easy.

It took me two days to drive up. I collected the keys to my temporary gaff and walked straight into a new job!

… the story continues But these were the main events and serendipities that took place which allowed for such an easy transition.

I’ve spoken to quite a few Poms out here and realise how lucky I am to have come here so effortlessly.

For me the major points were:

  • Two offers of employment in a matter of weeks.
  • These offers where not only great timing with my personal situation in the UK – six months either side and the answer would probably have been no or would have taken some real hassle to make it happen, the timing was perfect, after already given notice on my current house.
  • Meeting Barbara was a godsend and even thinking back now, where she lived in relation to my work is nothing but uncanny.
  • My work location in Melbourne mirroring my work location in the UK. I am very familiar with Cemex trucks!
  • Matt basically giving me the contents to his house. Over time, most of the said contents I had given away to others and had only kept a few bits.
  • My employer sponsoring me for full residency. I will always appreciate that one.
  • And also them arranging an effortless move interstate.
  • For me, this was like riding that big fat wave I spoke of earlier.

We can create anything we want out of life, and when its right it can be as effortless as this. I cannot stress enough how little I had to do with any of these situations. They just happened, one after the other and each time I couldn’t of dreamt of a more perfect situation, even if I had planned each one myself.

Life can flow when we take ourselves out of the way, and in upcoming posts, we shall explore just how we can do this.

If you have also had similar experiences I would love to hear them in the comments below …

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