My privacy policy is pretty simple.

If you choose to subscribe to updates and notifications, that’s exactly what you will be getting. I send an email out every time I post something new.

I may also email you with other notifications but it will only be website related and these are kept to a minimum.

I hate spam as much as the next man. Your email address is kept on a secure third-party server and you may unsubscribe from these emails at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link which can be found at the bottom of any email received from me. You can also go to my contact page and send me a message asking to be unsubscribed and I shall do this manually.

Your email will not be sold, lent, hired or prostituted out to anyone else.

This website uses cookies as a standard practice, as most websites do. This is a small piece of code that gets put onto your browser so you can use all features of the site. It also makes the site load quicker on your return visits. I don’t receive any information back from you during this process and you can switch cookies off within your browser.

I have some code on my website which tracks how users are utilising the website for analytic reasons. This does not tell me who you are or give any personal information. It is simply used to tell me how many people have visited the site and what pages have been opened. Who opened said pages … I have no idea.

Unlike most other websites I DO NOT use Facebook tracking codes, or ‘pixels’. Through these pixels, they know exactly what websites you visit if you are using the same browser that you are logged onto their platform with. I find that how Facebook operates, the data it is able to collect, and how it uses this data for advertising purposes on its own platform to be a fucking cheek, and so I refuse to partake in their crazy games.

It’s nuts.

It’s a fairly simple site and not much going on regarding dangers to your privacy. Would this document stand up in court? Probably not, but oh well.