Lying Politicians – A Story of Collective Consciousness

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16 Minute Read

Are you ready to get excited?
OK, this is the deal. For anyone who shares this article on social media, I pledge that I shall personally give them $1000.

Sound good?

I am going to give this free money away for the next six articles – so potentially $6000 up for grabs.

After six articles had been published and you realise that I didn’t keep my promise, which accounts to you ending up with bugger all, what did you think? Probably to be expected from some random guy off the internet. But what if the situation was somewhat different and I am a person you actually know, and trust?

What then?

After a while it would become apparent that I am;

A, Not keeping my word.
B, I obviously cannot be trusted as my integrity and congruency is pretty non-existent.
C, A bit of a wanker. Making a promise and expecting you to fulfill your end of the bargain while having no intention of keeping mine – (disclaimer, I had no intention of giving anybody anything and won’t be either) but by this stage, you have probably worked this out for yourself.

So, it’s pretty safe to say that after hearing my empty promises for so long, they would most probably be ignored, and for good reason – correct?

But what if they weren’t ignored?

Humor me for a moment…

Imagine if article after article, week after week excitement arose at the prospect of this free cash.

People imagined what they could do with the $6000. Friends are told of the good fortune to be had. Posters are placed around the neighborhood. Large placards in gardens. Everyone talking and telling each other (or anyone mad enough to listen) that if they shared my articles they would all receive $6000 in total.

When the time comes for the big payout and a realisation hits that the $6000 isn’t forthcoming, instead of simply accepting the fact that I am a big fat liar who simply wanted you to advertise me for free while paying nothing in return, what if people actually started making excuses for me. “Oh, its a glitch”, “just a misunderstanding” or whatever else is conjured up to justify all the time and effort that have now been invested on my behalf.

Not only that, what if people actually find themselves defending me. My offer was better than Other_Random_Blogger who was only offering $200 an article. Cheapskate – such a tight arse, only dogs can hear him fart.

Twelve months later, I make the same offer. For the next six articles, $1000 paid for each one shared on social media.

Even though I never paid out a penny for the last bunch, once again I am the man of the moment. The talk of the town. Conversations over dinner. Excitement in the pub and everyone is dreaming of what to spend their free 6K on.

Which never comes,

Twelve months later the same promise, same inevitable excitement, and the same obvious letdown.

Now, after a while, this would begin to get thin.

In reality, most people would have either not believed me to begin with, or certainly would have written me off the first time I never fulfilled anything. So, what’s my point,

The point is …

Why do we accept this with politicians?

OK, so they don’t promise free cash when you share a rather fancy article on Facebook, but they do openly promise stuff which soon becomes apparent that they had no intention of fulfilling.

This has bugged me a lot. Not so much the politicians themselves, most are career-driven and will obviously say what they hell pops into their head simply to gain votes, but us, the public who actively support them.

They make all random promises before an election.
We then vote for them to represent us based on these promises.
They win.
All too often they then go back on the main topics that they were voted in for.
People get annoyed, shouting liar liar pants on fire and throwing eggs in their general direction,
Election time rolls around again.
Different bullshit is sprouted.
Belief and trust ensures by the supporters.
Same usual let down.
It’s utter madness.

Why believe them the second time when they have proven that they cannot be trusted the first?

It would seem that the old adage “once bitten, twice shy” does not apply to how we react to politicians.

If we happen across someone out of integrity in our personal lives it would be a normal, healthy response to be wary of anything else said or any other promises made. Of course, people can let us down and we can do the same for others. But trust usually has to be regained and rebuilt over time.
If someone proves themselves untrustworthy enough we can write them off as friends or acquaintances or hold them as arms-length at the very least.

** Before anyone starts to get too carried away – this is NOT a political post and what your political persuasion is, is totally up to you. This article is discussing how we react to the lack of integrity differently when it is affecting the collective consciousness over our experiences of it as individuals via metaphysical principles.**


As most of the world knows, the UK has decided to leave the European Union. During the build-up to the referendum, the two sides went out and about touring the county sprouting why leaving or staying within the EU was the better vote.

The leave campaign focused on two main issues: Money and Movement (immigration), with how much money the UK sent to the EU as the main focal point.

They even went as far as to have a massive slogan splattered along the sides of their ‘battle bus’ (winner of the wanky name of the year award for sure). This is the bus they used to tour the country and one which formed the backdrop of any speech made, ensuring their main money point was reinforced on the nightly news.

It read “We send the EU £350 a week – Lets fund the NHS (the National Health Service) instead” and a few other variations mentioning £50 million, £200million and other like amounts.[1]EU referendum reality check leave campaign promises

If you are from the UK and reading this, you will have your own opinion on this shitshow, but if you are not – what do you think of this?

Would you think (and remember this was highly reinforced subconsciously at the time) that if the leave campaign won, that they would redirect the £350 million a week that the country sends to the EU into the NHS? Yes? Well, apparently so did many of the leave voters, and also the UK press.

Only, the very next day after winning the referendum, the leaders of the Leave campaign immediately said this wasn’t going to be the case.

Seriously.[2]Does the EU really cost the UK 350 million a week?

The Bullshit Bus – wrong on so many levels

So politicians lie. We all know that. In many countries, there are often high standards that private advertisers must adhere to regarding the truthfulness of their products or services, yet these laws don’t always apply for politicians. This is definitely the case in the UK, with no organisation overseeing political campaign collateral. Basically they can get away with putting what they like in print and can’t be held to account if they lie or mislead.

But why do we, the public, then back these same politicians the next time they are on a campaign trail and make more crazy promises? In the example above, the leader of the Leave campaign, Boris Johnson even made it become Prime Minister. Still making crazy promises, still doing u-turns faster than Lewis Hamilton and yet everyone is disappointed when he does like he’s never broken a promise before. It’s nuts.

Now, you may be reading this and think “well, I am pissed”. You may well be, and I would fathom a guess that the majority of the population shares your sentiment.

The entire population of a country, when grouped together, forms a consciousness of its own. Like an individual person has a personality, so too does a country, but its personality is made from the millions of individual personalities that form it to make it so.

Many things are a manifestation of the collective consciousness. Politics, in general, could be seen as the indecisiveness of an individual. Morals, integrity, congruency, passion, are all outward projections of its inner workings and the leaders who represent us on the world stage are also a reflection of the collective.

Using the UK and the whole Brexit debacle again. All of the dither-dallying that the country went through for 3 odd years; the internal arguments, the population is torn what to do was perfectly reflected in the leaders that were attempting to steer the ship. They had no chance. They were simply a manifestation of the collective consciousness at that time. We shall make a deal, no deal, a hard deal, a soft deal, even a grey deal. No, we shall have an extension, a no-deal, another extension … and on it went.

This was mirroring the complete split the country was in. The result of the referendum was neigh on 50/50 with the tiniest margin of 51.9% winning. With a country so divided no wonder this was reflected within the leadership. It’s not the leader’s fault as they manifested as symptoms of the deeper root cause within the collective.

So, to answer the first question of why do we accept the incongruence of leaders, we need to look at another question first.

In this case, we shall continue with the UK leaving the EU example as I believe its reasons and the whole we-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-we-are-doing is actually based in the past.


Remember that not so long ago there was such a thing as The British Empire which consumed 23% of the world’s population and at its height covered an incredible 24% of the total landmass of the planet.

If the land wasn’t won through war, the British would often rock up to someplace exotic in their big fancy ships, see that the natives were not ‘civilized’ (in their eyes) and basically stuck a big flag on it, claiming it as their own. The cheeky fuckers that they were.

They oversaw and ruled millions of people in their own countries.

Today, one of the main complaints from the British about being a part of Europe (and I would say the main argument that started the whole ball rolling years ago) is that there are too many foreigners in their country and that The UK is being run by EU officials.
I must say, as an Englishman, it’s fucking embarrassing to even write this level of irony.[3]The British Empire

Let’s make the world British – that will teach those savages a lesson
Nothing could possibly go wrong here

So let’s look deeper. Let’s assume that the UK is one person. His outward personality, his likes, dislikes, how he carries himself and everything else is all condensed down into one regular, rather ironic guy – Mr UK.

Now Mr UK was a bit of a wanker in the past. He would regularly go up to people and take their stuff. Lots of people in fact. He was a bully of monumental proportions. He had a bit of a superiority complex and thought everyone owed him a favour. A classic dick with self-entitlement.

Over time, the people who he tried to control started to get tired of his shit and one by one told him to fuck off. This made Mr UK feel sad and he started to get a bit lonely. He sought solace in other bullies just like him and together they all made themselves feel better.

As more time progressed, Mr UK started to grow out of his bullying ways and began to chill out a bit. But he always knew what he did. He couldn’t escape his past and deep down held shame over his behavior, even if he did put on a big smiley face for all of his past victims to see.

This shame manifested itself as frustration and anger. Anger at finding himself the victim even when even he wasn’t. Yes, EU residents can freely travel, live and work in the UK, but the truth is that these people actually boost the economy. They pay into the country far more than they take away and the UK is NOT run by EU officials – nor do we send £350 million a week to them.[4]Immigrants put 34% more into public finances than they take out

But Mr UK cannot seem to see this. Blinded by his own shame, he cannot listen to reason and to him, he is simply a victim of others as what he himself is capable of. A classic case of judging others by your own standards.

So what will Mr UK do?

Well, Mr UK started to lash out saying he doesn’t want to play this game anymore. He wants to take his ball and go home. But he still carries the shame of his past behavior. When he does deep emotional work on what he had done, what drove him to do it in the first place and make peace with his past victims he would have worked through his shit and everyone will play well together. But it is Mr UK who is the only person who can do this.

By not doing this work he will always be in conflict. “This feels right”, “no, that feels right”. “I want to be a part of the EU gang”. “No, I want to be on my own”. These are usually responses from someone in turmoil and until he can be at peace with himself, he will continue to be so.

Like anything, until you get to the real root of the issue, its symptoms will continue to show.

Let’s explode Mr UK out again and see him as a country. The same principles apply but instead of being made of cells and atoms like an individual person, a country is made of the collective consciousness, each with their own personalities, past shit, and aspirations. It is these people that collectively, carry the shame, hurt and whatever from the past which is simply being manifested outwards into the form of their leaders.

The personality is a construct of many different layers. A lot of the personality are defense mechanisms against hurt and coping mechanisms to stop past hurts from showing their faces.

We know that the emotion of shame can underpin many surface behaviors. Addictions, anger, defensiveness, jealousy … can all be manifestations of shame. The angry person usually doesn’t know he is living with shame, to him he may just simply feel angry all of the time and not know why. This is where deep internal work is required, to uncover the core beliefs driving the surface behaviors.

The collective consciousness is exactly the same. What we collectively show on a surface level, in this case, a country, can be a personality front for deep-rooted feeling of whatever that the population carries in relation to the whole.

So back to the original question, and why do we accept, support and then become disappointed when politicians lie, over and over again?

This is simply a reflection of the current state of consciousness and until that changes, nothing else will change,

Individually, we can all want the same thing, in this case, politicians to not bullshit. What truly matters, however, is what is emanating from us at the consciousness level.

We could take the entire population and line them all up and ask them all one by one the same question – “are you pissed that politicians cannot be trusted”. I will take a punt that a rather large portion of the population would answer yes to this question.

We may all want the same thing, but what is happening regarding politics is simply a reflection of what is going on internally.

“But Matt …”, I hear you ask

“I expect politicians to lie. If we all want politicians to be honest, why is this not reflected in the collective consciousness?”

This is a frustrating situation to be in. What if the majority wants something different, why is this not reflected. To explain we have to have a brief look at the difference between our consciousness and personally within this context.


Our consciousness is what we exude. It emanates from us, beyond any thought or thinking. It is steeped in morals and our core beliefs.

If we have a brief look at how manifestation works in relation to what we think we want and what our consciousness is outputting we can see the difference.

So a poor man wants to be a rich man (in this example he is living in a country that allows this opportunity to happen – I shall cover the difference between this and those living in not so affluent circumstances in another article).

So poor man keeps buying lottery tickets. He has read everything what to do regarding manifesting a big win and sets about putting it all into action.

Every week he buys his ticket, does a bunch of meditations, chants mantras, thinks nothing but positivity about winning, visualises himself spending his newfound wealth, even places crystals on the ticket and a bunch of other woo-woo stuff.

He never wins


Because deep down Mr Poor man has deep core beliefs regarding his acceptance of receiving money. Let’s say he has been unconsciously taught that money was not for the likes of him. You need to work for your money or money is evil. The stuff usually passed down from one (usually poor) generation to the next.

Now, on the surface level, he really wants money and thinks he deserves it. But his underlying beliefs are overriding this and he is oblivious to this.

So his personality is saying one thing, but his deep core beliefs are saying something else.

The guy basically has a poverty consciousness. And it is this which is emanating.

Like the Mr UK example above is carrying his own shit which he has to work through. It is up to us the people who have to work through this stuff, then, collectively, the style of our leadership will simply change to reflect this.

I have obviously used UK politics as an example here but these principles would be the same no matter which country they are applied.

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