‘Life’ and Society

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9 Minute Read

The miracle of life. This single phrase can conjure up as many responses as there are people who come across it. For as simple as the sentence is, it has the ability to evoke an almost automatic reaction, and what does it mean to you?

Does it make you think of the ability to create and sustain life, or perhaps beautiful scenery, maybe even the wonders of deep space? The exact details which are personal to you matters not, but I believe we can all agree that wherever we place our gaze from the smallest cells, plants, animals, forests, mountains, oceans or galaxies, we are surrounded by the magic that is Mother Nature, and Nature, by definition, truly is miraculous.

We are alive, and life, although being all around us, remains unexplained as to what it actually is. The process involved for new life to be created and develop takes our breath away, yet as much as we can manipulate and even copy Mother Nature to some extent, we still do not know how the process works. We are yet to discover, even at the most fundamental level, the reasons, and mechanics behind that initial spark. What drives the process of cell division or keeps a heart pumping throughout the lifetime of the individual? Even though the different sciences have had great success explaining the mechanics of the physical universe, the understanding of that initial spark of life or life-force, however, remains forever elusive, being the ultimate Achilles’ heel.

Cell Division – how, how and how?

But do we actually need to know, in mental capacity, what life really is? Life is an existence, it is fluid and dynamic. It’s nothing that can be formulated, but rather lending itself as an experience. The spark of life is in all things, it is the eternal essence of who we are, WE are, not just you, me or them in the individual sense, but everyone coherently together. It is the only shared ingredient that binds us all in the recipes of our individuality. It is the hidden unity, the oneness of all living things, and non-living things come to that, it is the foundation to our true selves, in essence, it is love.

But in these busy days of hustle and bustle, there is little time to reflect on our purer state of being. Constantly locked into life’s processes, with our minds focused on the next task in hand, we all too often overlook the simplicity of who we are and what life is really about. Collecting material possessions, working endlessly to fatten up a bank account or to simply pay the next bill is definitely not what it’s about. The modern world has made us into slaves of our very own consumerism and our position in the world. The rung of the ladder on which we stand is all too often reflective of the education and the skills that we have collected throughout life, with those that are unfit to work, through either age or physical ability are often cast aside worthless, by a society where the ‘value’ and success of others is measured in their ability to make money.

Readily overlooked and often long forgotten clues to our transcendent heritage are all around. The sound of a running stream, the scent of a flower, the flash of lightning across the sky, an infant crying for its mother’s touch all remind us that we are a part of a wider creation. How much time is spent realising these details is another matter when they have to complete for ‘far more important’ things such as the heave of traffic, the sound of cash registers, the constant bombardment from the media telling us what to think and the marketing industries telling us how we should spend the money which we have wasted another week earning. And if we haven’t got any money, that’s no problem either as the banking sector will readily lend us some, for us to pay back another day, with interest, of course.

… and I only came in for some socks

It is no wonder that we have lost our way, become detached from our true source and for many of us, we have lost our ability to experience life for what it is. Living in the moment, feeling free and the true appreciation of the natural world begins to fade during late childhood when the merging of responsibilities began to take hold. For most of us, this process is usually completed during early adulthood when we have successfully swapped the freedom of childhood expression for a life filled with monotony, drama and commotion. At best we try to soldier on, making the most of what life throws at us, but for depressingly too many people, actually accounting for most of the population of the planet, life is a place of struggle, pain, and hardship. So how did it come to this? How did we make such a beautiful planet, a place where joy and human expression is a rare commodity?

The euphemism Life isn’t fair seems to be the mantra for the majority of the population in modern society today. We have all at some point, experienced life’s inconsistencies; felt the victim of personal and worldly events and feeling helpless in an overpowering world is very much a normal occurrence. But these inconsistencies and contradictions are simply accepted for how things are, taken for normality; we do our best to work with them, trying not to step on the wrong side as if one were avoiding the cracks in the pavement. Becoming lost in ourselves again seems to be the domain for the wealthy and powerful who can afford such ‘luxuries’. But is it really a luxury, or is it a right? Looking out into the wider world one can easily ask why do we have this continual struggle to make ends meet, while others sit on personal fortunes, often running these days, into the billions?

For too many people life is a lottery, but we have been powerless to change the beginning of the game. It would appear some people just hold a lucky ticket while others have to start the game with blatant disadvantages. In an ideal world, we would all be subjected to the same restrictive forces when we first enter the world, but unfortunately, this isn’t so. There are huge chasms of class structure, and where we are born, or to what family, country, area or even neighbourhood are all important aspects; favorable or unfavorable, as to how successful we can be. This inconsistency continues throughout society, where we have millions starving of famine, those who die needlessly each year of easily preventable disease or born into some war torn state. Why does their situation, through no fault of their own, dictate the complete lack of possible opportunity that can change their lives? Is it simply bad luck that their fate has dealt them the ultimate bad hand in life? The majority of the population are to some degree victims of restrictive forces such as these, where others can begin life with an obvious head-start. For the most affluent in society, the very privileged, this is often seen as a birth-right and this is especially true for those in positions of royalty, heirs to some vast fortune or families of some self-proclaimed ‘importance’. This arrogance has become so ingrained within the makeup of society that it is simply accepted by the vast majority of the population as to how things are; who must then also accept, by default, their own birth-right of struggle. Chance, it would seem, has its hand in all aspects of life.

Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy

But life isn’t supposed to be like this. We live lives caught in an opposing existence, trying to make ends meet and struggling for survival whilst being surrounded by the miracle of Nature in all her wondrous manifestations, including our very own existence. This has always seemed very odd to me, as if humanity is caught on the wrong side of some large chasm, desperately searching for a bridge that will span the two. I believe that we are inherently spiritual beings, beings who are trapped into physicality and deluded by the material existence that we find ourselves in. No matter how caught up we are with the grind of everyday life, there is always a part of us which has pondered a higher purpose, a deeper more meaningful existence, but a ‘knowing’’ that we all share.

With all the bullshit that comes with the lower emotions that so many of us live by, the anger, greed, lust or selfishness, when the time comes, however, everything that makes us the superficial human, drops away and our love shine through. We can’t help but assist those in need, if only for a fleeting moment. Natural disasters, famine, attacks of terrorism and other such large scale events make us react from the heart. On an everyday level, most of us (I hope), would pick somebody up off the floor who had fallen over, give up a seat for an elderly person or expectant mother, whatever the situation, there is a part of us that immediately reacts, and that part originates from the heart.

Even if it is unknown to us on the conscious level, our spiritual awareness touches us deep inside as a silent recognition of some truth yet undiscovered by the normal everyday mind. We know we are much more than what we perceive. It is only us that have deteriorated the human experience into an exercise of social survival and it is up to us to get ourselves out of it.

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