Hi I am Zed Matthews, born and bred in Exeter, Devon, a smallish city in the Southwest of England. I have lived in different areas of the country over the years and now I reside near the Gold Coast in Australia. You can read about my journey and how I got to end up living in Australia here.

In Blighty, I spent around 10 years on the speaking circuit giving seminars and facilitating workshops on all things metaphysics after completing a Ph.D back in 1990 something, and this is still the main focus of my work today. My interests span the spiritual, the Superconscious, psychological, scientific, sacred geometries, Yogic philosophies, and many more areas as I have searched to understand the nature of reality, how we respond to reality and conversely, how reality responds to us.

Through these philosophies, I became heavily interested in self-development and the combination of the two; self-development and metaphysics are the topics of this blog (don’t worry, there is no woo-woo to be found here)

I believe that the first relationship should be with yourself, in the highest form – the Superconscious. Everything else is simply a mirror we use as a metric to this. Ultimately, this is true self-development work. As you become more aligned with your authentic self you give others permission to do the same like ripples spreading outwards across a pond.

Personally, I find that classic self-development work, which deals mostly in the psychological arena only can seem somewhat flat. It is not until you look at everything holistically that a clearer understanding becomes apparent, and this is where metaphysics comes in.

With this union, we are taking a much broader view and by bringing in lots of different universal aspects we can gain a more transformational and integrated outcome.

In essence, the main focus of my work has always been to understand the whys?

It’s cool knowing that a particular practice leads to X-result, but I never seem to be satisfied until I understand what is happening behind the scenes. Why does our consciousness have an effect on reality? How does manifestation happen? It’s questions like these that led me to focus on the mechanics of reality, that is, how the hell does all of the bloody stuff actually work?

When we understand how something functions, by default, we then understand where we may be going wrong if we don’t get the outcome we desire. As it is written in The Course of Miracles – “If a miracle hasn’t happened, something has gone wrong”.

Everything published on this site is my own opinion (unless it is written by a guest author). I do not deem myself to be an expert in anything and I am simply sharing my own understandings through my own experience. If it helps you, great. If not, take it for what it is and simply move on. As a regular reader, you will come to understand my core philosophy, which is to experience things for yourself, question everything and be open to different possibilities. What is right for one person (including me) may not be right for you. So take anything on this site as simply ‘pointers’ to your own truth.


– Zed